Hello advisors,
I am sure that most of your programs look a lot different now than they did back on March 15th when this pandemic took off and communities went into different versions of quarantining depending on their needs.

I for one haven't seen my Cadets in person since March 13th when our local Ostrich Festival was cancelled during the briefing.  I was told to send the kids home, all community service programs were suspended, and the department would re-evaluate the circumstances in 30 days.  Well, here we are over 4 months later and unfortunately nothing much has changed.

This is the time of year when I usually send out a "Save the Date" email about the Chandler Tactical Competition and our behind the scenes planning begins to ramp up.  Unfortunately, none of this will be happening this year...
I have been advised by my administration of the need to cancel the 2021 Chandler Competition.  The uncertainty and fluidity of this pandemic crisis doesn't allow for a large scale event to be planned where we host upwards of 1000 people at our training facility for a weekend.

I am hopeful that at this time next year things are back to normal and we will be planning for the 2022 Chandler Tactical Competition.  Looking forward to talking to you all again soon!!

Take care and stay safe my friends.....

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