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If you are interested in becoming a Chandler Police Cadet, we have a few steps you need to follow. Understand from the time you decide to join our program, you are being evaluated on your ability to follow instructions and meet expectations.


Chandler Police Cadets are the example of teens and young adults in our community. Our minimum requirements and expectations are listed here:


  • Person of good character & Integrity

  • In Highschool with 2.0 GPA

  • United States Citizen

  • No criminal convictions & clean background

  • 14 years or older and in 9th grade or higher

Those selected to be a Chandler Police Cadet are expected to maintain the following:

  • Participate in atleast two meetings per month

  • Participate in atleast one community service event per month

  • Have a "C" or better in all classes

  • Submit an activity report monthly

The Application process to become a Chandler Police Cadet is not difficult, and rarely is someone not accepted. However, understand your ability to follow instructions as well as complete all areas of the application are the first step in our evaluation of how well you meet our criteria to be a Chandler Police Cadet. 


Considering we may waive application fees if necessary, there is no cap on the number of participants we will accept and our minimum expectations are limited - YOU are the only reason you may not be selected as a Chandler Police Cadet. If you are unable to follow the application instructions, can not participate as necessary or do not maintain the character required to be a Cadet; than you have made our decision for us. 


Here are the application steps: 

  • Print and complete the application

  • Use ONLY black ink and GOOD PENMANSHIP

  • Only YOU can fill out your application

  • Submit your application to the program Director

  • After review and a background check, you will be called for an interview

  • Dress appropriately for your interview

  • If accepted, you will be given a start date

  • Once given a date, show up and participate. You get from this program what you put into it. 

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